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Navy PC Purge

Posted by Jolly on June 12, 2014


Capt. Greg McWherter, former commanding officer of the famed Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron, was found guilty of allowing sexual harassment at the Blue Angels. (U.S. Navy / June 3, 2014)

The former commanding officer of the Navy's famed Blue Angels flight demonstration squad was found guilty Monday of "failing to stop obvious and repeated instances of sexual harassment," the Navy said.

Capt. Gregory McWherter was given a non-judicial punitive letter of reprimand, a move that is usually career-ending.

The guilty decision was made after an Admiral's Mast was convened at Pearl Harbor by Adm. Harry Harris Jr., commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.


WTFO?  I guess the PC fiasco is now full up in our Navy as well as the Air Force.  Talk to anyone who flew with Captain McWherter and they will tell you they would follow this guy into battle any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  He's a fellow Citadel graduate whose career was exemplary and commanded the Blue Angels not once, but twice.  We are completely purging our military of anything masculine.  How will this affect our ability to "Fly, Fight, and Win" our nations Wars?  Our military managers (I won't use the word Leaders) have completely lost their way.  Captain McWherter is an outstanding officer and warrior whose career was deep six'd thanks to the PC movement in our military.  Feminazis and LGBT goofballs have got the ear of our managers in the five sided wind tunnel, and they are bound and determined to castrate our armed forces.  I was forwarded a joke by a fellow fighter pilot that's funny, but also alarming:

Question: "What's the difference between a homosexual and a fighter pilot?"

Answer: "The homosexual has a future in our military."

It would be pretty funny if it weren't true.  Read this letter from a father of one of the Blue's pilots whose skipper was recently relieved, as a result of accusations of condoning sexual harassment type behavior under his watch. He was formally accused of such behavior by a female officer formerly attached in an administrative capacity with the Blue Angels.  

The Admiral has spoken, I have read the report, and the Navy has thrown a man’s career under the bus, wasting the millions spent on his training—and for what? To satisfy political correctness and the miserable whining of some overly-sensitive woman who had no place in a Ready Room to begin with.

Is it more important to the US Navy that no one died under Boss McWherter’s four years in command (the Blue Angels pilot mortality rate since they started is 10%)? Or is it more important that a crew chief slipped a photo into the cockpit similar to ones that thousands of soldiers and sailors have probably pasted by their bunks?

Is it more important to the Navy that millions of American youngsters were thrilled by the Blue Angels under Boss McWherter’s safe leadership? Or is it more important that someone painted balls on the top of the center point trailer at El Centro that probably threw some Google maps enthusiast into spasms of laughter when it was spotted from space? (I think that’s pretty funny actually—and I’m almost 70 so appreciation for “juvenile and sophomoric” behavior is not confined to young fighter pilots.)

Is it more important to the Navy that a leader keeps the team free of fraternization and adultery, or that he keeps porno-pumpkins out of the Ready Room?

Is it more important to the Navy that those who served and trained under Boss McWherter would follow him anywhere? Or more important that the one person who chose to surround herself with fighter pilots gets her definition of sexual harassment endorsed? Talk about putting yourself into the position to be offended! If you don’t like the high octane life of fighter pilots, then go and knit yourself a scarf and don’t even try to think you are in any way the equal to them in patriotism, valor, strength of will, duty, and loyalty to one’s shipmates. You, Miss K, are not worthy to serve with, those who put their lives on the line every day to protect our freedoms.

Yet the irony is, that she and her ilk will wallow in their “rightness” and will be the “backbone” of our nation’s defenses in the future, while great leaders like Boss Greg McWherter are pushed out. Ridiculous! No, dangerous!

My son flew with Boss Greg McWherter. I am one parent who is very glad that CAPT McWherter was, and IS, the well-trained, skilled patriot and leader, exuding integrity and courage with every breath. I certainly forgive him for any of the minor transgressions that he allowed out of the sense that they were good for team morale. I trust his judgement. I respect his mission and vision.

My son is alive and well after three years of thrilling the crowds with his courageous shipmates and a superb leader . . . and he will follow Boss McWherter anywhere. Who’s going to follow Miss K? Any volunteers?

Richard Simonsen 


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Posted by ViperPilot on we go, Tailhook revisited take Daux...or should we say douch?

Let's get it over with and make the whole damn Blues/T-Bird Team female. That'll solve the problem right?

"Embrace diversity"--the buzz word of the month in today's society. That outta 'thrill the crowds' and boost recruitment.
Hell, the AF Academy can't get graduating cadets to even take all the available pilot slots lately. Would rather stay on the ground in some windowless dark/hole SCIF and screw around on some I.T. CYBER devices I suppose?
Iraq is falling back into the hands of Al Quida, Afghanistan to follow in a year, and we are trading a deserter for top level Taliban prisoners, so they can return and "General" the battle.

Posted by flyingpig on
Thank God I served in the 60's. While we had our problems open homosexuality and females on ships will be the end of the Navy. Can't wait for a mission critical situation when one of our highly esteemed ladies is having her period and is unable to carryout her mission. Oh I guess us cavemen like males will pickup the slack. BTW I would have followed Lt Kreitlow anywhere. Tough old bastard.
Posted by LurchD on
Sad to have it go down like this. Stiffy is a great pilot and leader, and became an IP at TOPGUN also as a result.

Posted by Doc on
Chock one up to the lickers and packers! It is a Fighter Squadron and we are Fighter Pilots. PC has no place! If you get offended get the F#&% out! Who you gonna call when Shit hits the Fan! A cross dressing packer or a Dyke?
I don't think so! All they'll do is sit in the corner and whine.
PC has gone whackO! The castration of the Warrior is nearly complete!
Posted by jimblack120 on
@ DOC- turning - up fan speed - will be fun to wash the walls - and floor and get the fan ready for the Next round of bullshit-
Posted by Plug on
In the mid 70's flying Phantoms in the USMC, twice I heard a presentation by a Flight Surgeon whose name has long since escaped me. But anyway, he gave a great talk about the type of person (all males then) who flew Naval Aircraft: what I best recall was this analysis: P-3 people judge the party by the vintage of the wine served, attack pukes judged the party by how much wine they drank, helicopter pilots judged the party by the bill for the bar at the end of the party, fighter pilots judged the party by how much was the bill to repair the bar after the party, Harrier pilots, well, they didnt have parties.

Their joke, generally unappreciated, was: How do you get your own Harrier? Buy a couple of acres near Cherry Point and wait.

The point was, fighter pilots are a different breed of pilot which makes them different than everyone else on the face of the earth. All this PCness has crept into everyting and God help the USA if we ever really need to go at with some worth adversay. Won't be pretty, but I will bet the USMC will eventually stop the foolishness, Navy fighter pilots will launch off carriers and help out and fairly quickly guys in the memory of Curtis Lemay, Jimmy Doolittle and Robin Olds will unf...k the USAF. The Army, ?? I am not sure, I guess they will just be all they can. It will take a crisis of biblical proportions. I only hope we have the time to react and dump the PCness.
Posted by jsragman on
Viper Pilot: Sir, you are absolutely correct! Turn the whole thing over to the women. Paint the jets pink and instead of nose art, lets put images of feminine hygiene products on the pink F16s and F18s. Seriously, does anyone here think the Russian and Chinese fighter pilots put up with this S***?
Posted by Plug on
I recall an incident in the late 70's when I was arranging a change-of-command ceremony for a small support unit of the 2d MAW. I was the S-1/personnel, everything else officer and had the good luck to have to do the important job of arranging seating on the reviewing stand and some other really important stuff. I did manage to learn how to lead a parade for a change of command with the help of some great SNCO's with whom I worked. I didn't even take my eye out with my sword. Those were some great guys.

Anyway, not knowing the protocol and recognizing the Field Grade Officers (and potentially at least one, one star) who who were scheduled to be in attendance would know who was suppose to sit where, I called the Wing Protocol Officer. (Never even knew such a position existed but I guess even the USMC had to have some PC'ness in the 70's)

At any rate, when I talked to the young female 2nd Lieutenant she scolded and patronizingly lectured me for not knowing exactly who was scheduled to be in attendance. The whole event was set up and scheduled within a few days (there was a CO was essentially relieved very quickly) so nobody knew knew who the 'dignitaries' in attendance would be. As the conversation (I use that term lightly) degraded, with her wasting my precious time, I finally told her, 'Lieutenant, if I knew who the f...k would be here, if I'd had more than 2 days to set it up, I wouldn't have to have your help.' To which she answered by hanging up the phone.

Somewhat pissed off that a 2d Lt (apparently empowered by her gender) would do such a thing, I called back and got some Gunny who would not put her on the phone (I am sure he was told very clearly not to put through a call from me). I could tell by his tone he was not a happy camper but she was his superior and probably sitting there with him.

Anyway, I got some help elsewhere and we survived.

The morale of the story is when the new CO took over the next day (a Field Grade aviator with whom I had flown before) showed up, I told him the story, fearing some repercussions. I remember his comment: 'She is another one of those women who who want to be treated like one of the boys until they want to be treated like a girl. If anybody says anything I will take care of it. '

Asking about this Lieutenant, I later found out that pretty much everyone who had ever met her considered her to be .. well... let's just say not too well appreciated.

I would guess my new CO's approach would not work today.

Every time I read another bit of PC'ness becoming more and more pervasive in the military I cringe. But I suppose it started insidiously decades ago.
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