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Olympic Event. Gay/Not Gay?

Posted by aaron on August 15, 2008

With the Olympics going on, the sport of men’s synchronized diving has come to our attention. I’m not sure I even recall seeing Men’s Synchronized diving before. Maybe so, but my mind probably blocked out the absurdity of the thing. I know I’ve seen women synchronized diving and it can be quite extraordinary. However, I think men’s synchronized diving is gay. 
Men's Synchronized DivingLet’s get this straight. The only thing that men should synchronize is a military operation, a synchronized attack. You know how that works. “OK men, synchronize your watches. Ready, ready, hack.” When men are involved in sporting events they’re on teams or they go it alone. They are on offense or defense. They attack another’s goal or strenuously protect their own. They take advantage of an opponent’s weakness. They try to obliterate their adversary’s score. They do not synchronize or harmonize. 
Just because an event looks good when women do it doesn’t mean men should do it to. You don’t see guys doing that twirling ribbon-on-a-stick, hop, skip and jump apparatus gymnastic thing. Guys don’t do that goofy, clamped nose, herky- jerky synchronized swimming either. So why diving?
Don’t get me wrong. Divers, gymnasts and other athletes of that ilk are certainly impressive performers and display incredible power, strength, agility and precision. Taking an already accomplished men’s sport, diving, and synchronizing it is not right. I’ll even go so far as to say that men’s straight-up diving can be a thing of beauty. However, synchronizing it doesn’t make it more beautiful, just weird. Next thing you know we’re going to see a synchronized slam dunk competition. Just like two half-wits don’t make a whole, two synchronized men divers do not make a kickass sport. 
Of course, you decide for yourself, but to answer the question, FU says men’s synchronized diving is gay.

Olympic side note:  If they ever start an Olympics fantasy team, I want Michael Phelps and any Chinese guy.


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