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Posted by Jolly on September 8, 2007


PC is BS at FU

When we were in the testing phase of this web site, prior to going on line, I had my neighbor and his wife take a look at our site. My neighbor’s wife’s only comment, “You need to be more cognizant of female readers and their contribution to the fighter pilot world.” My thought to that was, “what a bunch of politically correct BS.” 
We’re providing a view of the fighter pilot world through our all male eyes. We welcome our female viewers and acknowledge the contribution and value of our female fighter pilot comrades. However, female fighter pilots comprise less that 1% of the world fighter pilot population. We’re not going to fashion our comments to appease a minuscule portion of the community.
When we talk about fighter pilots we’re going to refer to them as “guys”, “he”, “him” or “them.” We’re not going to say “he/she.” Definitely not “he/she.” You will never see “he/she” on this web site. When we have a specific story about a female fighter pilot we’ll use the appropriate “she” or “her” but for general comments about fighter pilots they’re going to be rolled into the all-purpose “guys.” 
Fighter pilots have no concern for political correctness. At least not the all-I-want-to-do-is-fly-jets fighter pilots. For the small number of I-want-to-be-a-general/admiral/air marshal fighter pilots, political correctness is an ever-present driving concern. Here at Fighter Pilot University we stand firmly in the former group of fighter pilots. We say what we think. Our intention is not to irritate or upset others. We intend to speak the truth, at least as we see it. 
PC has no place at FU.


Posted by BobHipps on
FWIW - the ladies have their very own site at:

Hippo sends
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