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Posted by Jolly on March 17, 2013

BoozeIsMyCopliot.jpgFirst of all, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Go out and drink responsibly.  Our advice is don't drink and drive today, drink till you pass out!  Speaking of drinking responsibly, looks like some of our illustrious DOD Bars have gotten so politically correct, you can't even purchase a cocktail unless you are at the bar in person with an ID.  I think it's safe to say Captain Harry's letter below speaks for all of us here at FU.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  I don't think any of us could have expressed ourselves any better than Harry!


Program Manager
NRSW Morale Welfare & Rec Code N92
2375 Recreation Way
San Diego, CA 92136-9989


Dear Sir:

I don’t believe that I have ever felt so insulted and disgusted in my life as I was today when I joined  three friends at the Admiral Baker Golf Course Club House for drinks after a round of golf.  I did not play as I presently have a bum knee.  As my friends were putting their clubs in their vehicles I went into the bar to buy the drinks, a bourbon for one and a pitcher of beer for the rest of us.  The usual bartender told me that they no longer sold pitchers of beer because of new regulations. 

 I thought this was weird until when I tried to order three bottles of beer and the bourbon and soda and I was told that each person had to order their own drink and show their ID to the camera which he pointed out up in the corner at the ceiling.  I thought that the bartender was kidding me until he pointed out a sign predominately displayed on the bar announcing that this was the new “Navy Way.”  

  One of my friends had already sat down at a table, figuring that one or the other of our group would bring the drinks to the table as we always have done in the past.  This was not allowed anymore,  according to the bartender, so I had to holler over to my friend telling him to get up to the bar to show his ID and get his drink as it was no longer permissible for someone else to bring his drink to the table. This is absolute insanity.  Just who is the idiot who came up with this program?  Is this again political correctness run amok?  What has happened to my Navy?

I was commissioned in the Navy in 1961 at NAS Pensacola and retired as a Captain in 1992.  I remember the comradery throughout my career when the officers would gather at the Officers Clubs at the end of the day for “happy hour.”  Junior officers and senior officers alike, where many problems were taken care of over a couple cold beers.  Now we have no officers clubs; we have “All Hands Clubs” in order to be politically correct and so as not to demean the enlisted ranks.  Apparently now a seaman deuce has the same status as a four star.  And the Navy wonders why the clubs have no patrons anymore?  And why no one dares to have more than one drink because he or she is worried that some do-gooder will report this to their commanding officer?

What political appointee who has never worn the uniform sits around and dreams up this lunacy?  It is absolutely disgusting.  I loved my navy experience and many of my close friends today are retired naval officers I served with/over/or under during my thirty-one years in the navy and naval reserve.   This collection of politically correct imbeciles running the navy today has not a clue what the military is all about.  It is not supposed to be an organization for social experimentation as it has become.  It is supposed to be a cohesive group of like-minded individuals who are trained to protect our country. Now this mission has become a secondary reason to be.  I often have encouraged young people graduating from college to think about a career or even just a tour in the grand navy I knew.  Today I would recommend that they think about a career in the sanitation department of a good-sized city as they would probably make more money, certainly be given more respect, and be working in an organization that may actually know what it is doing.

I am attaching the card I was given today at the Admiral Baker bar.  Please pass this letter and the card up the line to the persons responsible for this absolute idiocy.  God help America if this type of thing continues and I sadly suspect it will what with the “leadership” of this administration and the military “leadership” it has spawned.  This is not my navy anymore.

Very respectfully, 





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Posted by Jolly on
From Tuck:

Ever stay at the Historic Marine Memorial Hotel and Club in San Francisco? I highly recommend it for hospitality, service, common sense and a damned fine bar where you can order your own drink or as many as your group wants and have it delivered to your table or stand with your friends at the bar. The Thanksgiving Feast is incredible as well! Tuck
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