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Rape Rape. WTFO WTFO.

Posted by borg on October 12, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg - Beware, known idiotI was listening to my XM radio on the way home from the squadron in my huge 4- wheel drive, dinosaur bone burning, by God, American made Chevy truck (with all the gas burning extras) and I tuned into my “who’s looking out for you” favorite, Bill O'Reilly. As most of you know, I’m a Bill fan, not because I agree with everything he says, but because he believes what he says and looks out for folks every day. Bill had a audio clip from a show called “The View” where Whoopi Goldberg (who’s NOT looking out for you) gave her current analysis of the famous director, Roman Polanski, who drugged, assaulted and raped/sodomized a thirteen year old girl thirty odd years ago…then plead guilty for it … then fled the country because he was afraid of the sentencing. To be completely clear, there seems to have been some court/judge procedures that were completely screwed up but he raped her as sure as I’m wasting fossil fuel every day. Whoopi stated, and I quote, “he didn’t RAPE, RAPE her” with the premise in mind that somehow there is good old fashioned, demoralizing, woman-destroying rape called “rape, rape.” As opposed to this child molesting, lesser important, sodomy and rape of a thirteen year old who had been intentionally drugged.  And, even though she was pleading “no no,” that this non-rape, rape, should be forgiven because of great talents of the famous director. I’m not making this shit up.


Roman Polanski - Beware, known pervertI think I’m going to apply this new “saying things twice” thing to my life as a fighter pilot. When one of my guys flies at 100 feet over their house and they happen to be a great pilot, it’s just buzzing…not buzz, buzzing. Lose an airplane? Was it just a crash...or was it the more serious, we-need-to-investigate-it type called “crash, crash?” I wish I was “drunk, drunk” so I could wake up with my cranium sore and realize this is all a dream as opposed to the reality that it's “true, true”. When you’re watching the next Hollywood movie, take great comfort in knowing that most of the industry jumped on this “rape, rape” bandwagon in support of the great director. I would not let my kid, male or female, get within a mile of these people who I call “dumb dumbs.” WTFO? 

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