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Republic or Democracy

Posted by Jolly on March 20, 2012

republic.jpgIs the United States a Republic or a Democracy?  Most of our very astute politicians seem to think it’s a Democracy. We all took an oath to defend the Constitution.  Nowhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence is the word "Democracy" mentioned.  Last time I checked, whenever I recite the Pledge of Allegiance it’s to the “Republic for which it stands” not the “Democracy.”  That really doesn’t explain why we are a Republic and not a Democracy though. 

I had this video forwarded to me from a friend, and it does an outstanding job of explaining why the founders gave us a Republic and not a Democracy.  If it's too long for you, then listen from the 9-10 minute point to hear what happened to Rome. We are almost there my friends.  

Those founders were pretty smart dudes.  They had studied history in great detail when forming our Republic.  If we don’t wake up and do a little study of historyfranklin.jpg ourselves, then we are bound to repeat mistakes of the past.  If you are planning on your kids getting a real American History lesson in school, you’re setting them up to be fed the same old crap we hear from our politicians and media.

Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman as he emerged from the constitutional convention, “What have you given us sir?”  He immediately responded with, “A Republic Ma’am, if you can keep it.”   If you’re the kind of American who wants the 51% of our country dependent on the government determining our future, then maybe a Democracy is your cup of tea.  As for this fighter pilot, It’s a Republic NOT a Democracy; Let’s keep it that way!

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Posted by RonMoore on
Many citizens don't understand that the purpose of our constitution is to protect the individual, not the majority. That's the only way to protect individual freedoms. That's why we don't have an official language, or religion. Each of us has the right to have our own regardless of what the majority think. We're a nation of immigrants that speak a myriad of languages and practice a myriad of religions, not an English speaking Christian nation that those who have us living in a Democracy are mistaken about...
Posted by NickScott on
Wow, thanks for the political lessons Jolly. I hadn`t realised there were so many types. Needless to say, now I have read the section on Politics for Dummies, I am now running for Government! Many years ago, a red hot French chick who was my beloved girlfriend - pondered on the politics of f-----g. Yep, the principle being that all of the population spend the entire day in bed screwing each others brains out - it sounds really good, I suppose tourism would pay for the public services (as there would not be much else) I liked the bit about Cambodia in the video, especially as I am soon to take up a post there, well, well, well, well, well. Life`s a bitch and then you fly! F--k.
Posted by Maestro on
Always good to be reminded of our roots. I'll be the first to admit that I'd prefer thoughtless and effortless solutions, but the truth is that for out nation to be great, we must be great. Off to re-read the Federalist Papers...
Posted by Jolly on
Dead nuts on! We raised our hands to defend the Republic...the governement ruled by LAWS not as the spineless congressional representative believe by a majority in a Democracy!
Remember drag all your clan to the poles in November 2012! Remember to vote! For Real Change...

No I'm not PC never have been and never will be! You earn your stripes or bars by performance not by skin color and entitlement! Sit on your get nothing. That is the way it needs to get back to! Time to limit government so we can go back maximum FREEDOM! Remember to exercise one of the Four Boxes of the Republic... Soap Box, Voting Box, Jury Box, and the Ammo Box...Hope it does not come to the Fourth but that is what our briliant forefathers gave us the 2nd Ammendment for!
Posted by Jolly on
This came in from a PHD Bill. I'll take the heat on the capitalizing screw up, but I would totally disagree that we are both. The two are so different, and there is no way our founders ever intended us to be a Democracy. They deplored democracy, and we should too.

From Bill:

good afternoon;

america is both. there are different kids of democracies. democracy in general simply means a society which is governed under the rule of law and which the people have a meaningful say in the policies of their government and in the selection of their leaders. a republic is one form of a democracy, a government in which the people elect both their leaders and citizens who are to represent the interests of the nation and of the people who elected them.

the other familiar kind of democracy is the direct democracy – what the greek city states and new england town meetings (to cite two examples) used – where the people not only elect their leaders but also the people themselves vote on individual policies and laws.

obviously, in a small town or village direct democracy is possible. the greeks were much larger communities than new england villages, but only free men of a certain stature could vote, thereby making the number of participants manageable. it was not a republic (representative democracy) because those who were eligible to vote were neither elected by the other citizens nor did they purport to represent a specific constituency other than the city-state.

in modern governments in large democracies, republican form of government is really the only viable option. and just to be clear,, when speaking of forms of government, the words are not capitalized (e.g., republican and democratic). when speaking about our two political parties, the party titles are capitalized (e.g., Republican and Democratic parties.

hope this helps

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