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Responsibilities of a Fighter Pilot

Posted by borg on March 24, 2008

This website has been a hell of a lot of fun. We crack ourselves up daily as deans of this college and we are well aware of the fact that we are our biggest fans. Hidden in the humor is a message that we are trying to sustain throughout the fighter pilot world. We feel it is paramount to the traditions and continued success of our coveted profession. We are all different in many ways but when it comes to our craft we are and should be very much alike. I had good friend of mine once tell me that if my identity was defined by my profession…if I considered myself, first and foremost, a fighter pilot, then I was a loser in life. We’re still close friends but he is dead wrong. I can’t help what is. 
I bring this up for two reasons. First, this site has afforded me the privilege to communicate with literally hundreds of folks who write or call to express opinions or “good on ya’s” in regard to our institution of higher learning. They get it and know that our way of life is as important to our success in the air as any training sortie ever was. We establish a code by our traditions and they were given to us by many heroes of the past who developed them through blood, sweat and tears. When I get the chance to discuss an issue with an eighty year old fighter pilot on the phone, who took his time to call, and he speaks in the same profane way that he has all of his life, when something is important to him, I know that you can’t “outgrow” or mature past what or who you are. If someone criticizes you for that then F*ck ‘em and realize you never have to be ashamed of the life that chose you. Second, if you are a young fighter pilot and your politically correct “administrators” are trying to tell you that the old ways are gone. You need to send them to our site. They may need some continuing education to help them remember where they came from. Rank is not the reason to fly fighters. It is merely a needed justification to continue doing so. Sure we have to live by the rules but we never have to let anyone shame us into thinking that our traditions are outdated. Sing those songs, bond over brews with your squadron mates and continue this process until you’re dead. The last thoughts in your mind won’t be of a boring life that was misspent on trivial issues. I get the same feeling today when I take off on a sortie as I did on the first one. When I can’t do it anymore I won’t be bitter but I won’t forget that this life shaped me into who I am. That can’t be changed.
If you’re a new fighter pilot and you want to fully enjoy your career I suggest you get on this site and learn the songs Jolly puts out every week and sing them every Friday. Listen to your bros as they teach you in the bar about everything in life. It’s better than almost any debrief. Become the guy whose words young uns ponder on. And keep the life alive. Thirty or forty years from now your kids or grandkids may be saying to you “you actually got in those things!?!? What, were you, crazy?” You’ll be able to confidently and quietly know that you have lived the life, done the things that few have been able to do and lived to tell about them. You won’t care to impress them and you shouldn’t. There are many exceptional people and great bros that have never strapped on a jet, but there are a few that have and that bond is your privilege for eternity. Don’t take that responsibility lightly.


Posted by LEZGO on
Damn truth! VIVA ZAPATA!
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