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Tailhook Part Deux

Posted by Jolly on December 12, 2012


I’m sure most of you are now aware of the witch-hunt going on in the Air Force to
search out and destroy anything masculine.   It seems a disgruntled female Tech nose_art_1.jpgSgt has launched an attack on the fighter pilot culture Paula Coughlin would be proud of.  TSgt Smith, a seventeen year E-6, feels fighter pilot traditions are offensive to women.  Not only that, this testosterone filled group of rabble rousers are responsible for her being passed over for promotion to E-7.   You can read her complaint at: 

As fighter pilots we are all well versed in Physics and the application of Newton’s updated third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite over-reaction.”   Sadly, this law has been proved valid once again.  Ref the latest directive from the Air Combat Command (ACC) Commander for OPERATION GELDING:


From: ACC/CC Commander 

Subject: Health and Welfare Inspection (aka: OPERATION GELDING)

Commanders and Directors,

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault have no place in our Air Force, yet both continue to affect the Air Force's mission and harm our Airmen. A contributing factor to this problem is a gradual desensitization and acceptance of potentially offensive material. Any environment that encourages Airmen to "go along to get along" or tolerates holdovers from our past such as offensive pictures, songbooks with obscene lyrics, off-color or offensive jokes, or other materials is unacceptable. Our Airmen deserve a safe, professional work environment free from harassment.

 Beginning on 5 December, and no later than 14 Dec, all ACC units and directorates will conduct a Health and Welfare Inspection led by Commanders, Chiefs, First Sergeants or staff equivalents as directed by CSAF in Atch 1. The intent is to immediately and PERMANENTLY reset the environment and eliminate offensive material from ACC. IAW guidance provided in Attachment 2, Commanders, Chiefs, and supervisors will inspect all government work areas and government computer shared drives to identify and have owners remove offensive material. Vaults, SCIFs and other sensitive areas are not sanctuaries--Commanders will ensure appropriately cleared individuals inspect these areas. The intent is to find and remove offensive material and ensure our Airmen know and comply with Air Force standards. After completing this inspection, I expect all units to maintain standards and take appropriate disciplinary actions for future violations.

It is important to identify areas where we may have a problem. Wing Commanders will document and report inspection results to their NAF/Center Commanders. NAF/Center Commanders will summarize findings and forward results to my office NLT 14 Dec 2012. I am interested in the numbers and types of squadrons where we may have issues and the type/amount of material that are evidence of that problem.

In addition to this Health and Welfare Inspection, Wing Commanders will address this issue directly by conducting a Commander's Call with their Airmen. The Commander's Call can coincide with the Health and Welfare Inspection, but should occur NLT 14 Dec 2012 so feedback from these events can be included in Wing and NAF Commander reports. 

It is a Commander's job to establish and maintain a professional work environment. To assist you with this important duty, I've directed my Inspector General to conduct environmental assessments and provide you with direct feedback during any and all types of inspections of your units. Your Airmen need to understand that they represent the Air Force, and these standards apply at all times. This issue requires aggressive leadership at all levels--I expect Commanders to be visible and vocal in combating this problem. 

If you have any questions about this inspection or need further information, please contact my Director of Staff at (757) 764-5462.

Gen Mike Hostage

 Commander, ACC

Not to be out done, Wing and Squadron Commanders have decided to “one up” the
ACC Commander.  The local morale suppression teams at places like Shaw AFB and other ACC bases have directed the following in order to prepare for OPERATION GELDING

  • Removal of all alcohol from Squadron Bars
  • Remove all wall pictures that may be offensive to females
  • Removal of all doofer books from the squadron
  • Removal of all song books from the squadron
  • Removal of all UPT Class Patches that may be offensive to females from squadron buildings and barsMemphis_Belle.jpg
  • Removal of any pages from Unit History Books that contain pictures of “Aircraft Nose Art” which may be offensive
  • Removal all offensive nose art from aircraft in the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB.  I wonder if that includes the Memphis Belle being renovated as we speak??

nose_art_2.jpgFor some reason "removal of testicles" has not been directed yet, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s implied in OPERATION GELDING.  This unfortunately has turned into the Air Force’s Tailhook, Part Deux.  It will end when everything masculine is purged from our squadron buildings and culture.  It’s irrelevant to this group of Numnuts that any of our doofer book stories, songs and jokes about fighter pilots were created by men while they were in far off places, flying combat missions, looking for ways to relieve the tension of war. Living on the edge brings out strong verbal expression.nose_art_10.jpg

Since the beginning of time warriors have sought to reduce the stress and horrors of
battle. Through the millennium the consistent methods they have chosen, not surprisingly, have been humor and song. Fighter pilots have continued that practice with enthusiasm.  Here at Fighter Pilot University we will honor our heritage and continue to pass on our traditions with pride.  Friar Tuck said it best when he described a world without fighter pilots being a lesser place:


Say what you will about him: arrogant, cocky, boisterous, and a fun loving fool to boot. He has earned his place in the sun. Across the span of 95 years he has given his country some of its proudest moments and most cherished military traditions. But fame is short-lived and little the world remembers. 

Almost forgotten are the 1400 fighter pilots who stood alone against the might of Hitler's Germany during the dark summer of 1940 and gave, in the words of Winston Churchill, England "It's finest hour." Gone from the hardstands at Duxford are the 51's with their checkerboard noses that terrorized the finest fighters the Luftwaffe had.

Dimly remembered, the Fourth Fighter Group that gave Americans some of their few proud moments in the skies over Korea. How fresh in recall are the Air Commandos who valiantly struck the VC with their aging "Skyraiders" in the rain and blood soaked valley called A-Shau? And how long will be remembered the "Phantoms" and "Thuds" over "Route Pack Six" and the flack-filled skies over Hanoi? 

Barrel Roll, Steel Tiger, Tally Ho. So here's a "Nickel on the Grass" to you, my friend and your spirit, enthusiasm, sacrifice, and courage--but most of all, to your friendship. Yours is a dying breed and when you are gone, the world will be a lesser place!
                                                                                              Friar Tuck

The Air Force is Shot to Hell

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Posted by Doc on
Well...that about tears it! A round of Salt Peter for everyone! But hay, we still have the RPA crowd to defend the fort provided the Frogfoot drivers don't learn how to use the verticle!
PC is ending the tradition. A sad state of affairs when the tail starts wagging the dog. There are a tremendous number of allegations in her complaint that need substantiation. As always though the response is Knee Jerk management. Sorry to see that coming from Mike.
Posted by Duke on
If the AF is going against fighter pilots, it is just that much more reason to have outfits like FPU. Looks like still no one has figured out why the Officers and NCO clubs can't make any money, why morale suffers. This is sad! Even the history of aircraft painting from WWII is to be erased. This is all as bad as politicians rewriting history for our school children.
Shame on you with stars on your shoulders who know not how to lead but suck up to the politicians for your own aggrandizement!
Posted by LurchD on
So this is not a joke or bad dream? Unbelievable. Sucks.

Posted by Jolly on
From Cooney:

It's been a slow and deliberate process. I remember, just before leaving Kadena, I was sitting the Osan alert. The new Wing/CC was making his first visit to that facility. He ordered all the Doofer Books burned. Decades of great stories. I did not comply. I left the burning to the ass kissers!!
We are truly a dieing breed.
I'm at Cherry point, dropped24 bombs so far, today was dog shit, we wx cnxed . There are still our attitudes out here.


Posted by dart on
It's 12.12.12 and my 79th birthday.
My last Phantom flight ended in a shoot down with a pick-up by the Great Jolly Green, Bless 'em; we both got out OK.
Retired in '73 and have been watching the slow but persistent chick-a- facation of our fighter pilots. I guess this latest directive, if it is valid, has put the last nail in the coffin of a true fighter pilot.
Throw a nickle on the grass my friend it's the beginning of the end which I never expected to see.

Posted by TigerF16 on
I was raised in a FIGHTER SQUADRON...but this has nothing to do with traditions's weak and cowardly, denigrating behavior to a fellow member of our Air Force (read the complaint).

This has nothing to do with nose art or masculinity or a Fighter Pilot persona... Remember "What is a Fighter Pilot" by Ford Smartt (Google it). In that soliloquy, a fighter pilot LOVES women...he does not refer to them in obscene terms or seek to place them in a subhuman (butchery, torture), lower class subservient or submissive to a Fighter Joc...WE have never honored such weakness.

WE true Fighter Jocs are a profession of honored service to our great Nation, not what that lawsuit calls into question. WE enjoy the honor that Americans have viewed us...honor towards our service and commitment...Americans have shown us this respect for decades...well earned I might note.

WE earned that honor and paid for it with our blood and suffering in places like the Hanoi Hilton, any Stalag in Germany, Japanese POW camps, Korean, Communist camps, barricaded buildings in Baghdad.

If the "stresses of war" in Balad, Al-Asad, Bagram, Kandahar, Bastion and others are an excepted excuse for denigrating a fellow service member because they are female, is Bravo Sierra, YGBSM!

The memory of Lance Sijan, George "Bud" Day, James Stockdale, Ken Cordier, Digger O'Dell, Douglas Bader, Joe Foss, Dale Storr and thousands of other worthy men would be tarnished by accepting this and excusing this as "tradition"'s NOT a FIGHTER PILOTS tradition!

Don’t accept this as OUR credo, we are men deserving of a higher class of high jinks.

Posted by Jolly on

Can't argue that "denigrating fellow service members because they are female" is unacceptable. It never has been, and never should be. I have read the complaint, and don't think it has anything to do with "fighter pilots" denigrating this female service member. She has an axe to grind, and we really don't know what her motivation is for completely attempting to destroy anything masculine in Air Force fighter squadrons. All I know is the Air Force has gone off the deep end when it comes to beating down the testosterone level in a fighter squadron. This knee jerk reaction to unsubstantiated accusations from a female airman is a typical over-reaction. I notice you left out Robin Olds in your diatribe about our heritage and traditions. I'm sure he'd think this has nothing to do with fighter pilot traditions too. I'm just saying, let's keep it real.

Check Six
Posted by VietThudStud on

I must know you. I have been in battle with men like you. You have tasted battle, I can tell.

Words could not be better written and shared. You know OUR history, OUR tradition and what matters.

If a man's morale is increased by the $#it in that complaint...I don't need that WD on my wing.

Masculinity has nothing to do with this kid like BS. Walking a string of Mk-83's downtown on Paul's bridge with telephone poles greeting you, following up with strafe, and then watching your wingman/bestfriend eject then pulling CAP for a rescue is OUR tradition.

God bless the female Air Force nurses and med techs that held his hands and cradeled his cranium, injected morphine in his veins, as they gently scrubbed burned, dead skin from his body for months...

SHE was the same flight nurse, med tech, physical therapist, that was there to help hundreds return from Hanoi and recover her a "bitch" or "cunt" in front of me! I dare you!

Posted by Robo on
Over at the Academy we had an MWH Inspection a few days ago because of this.

Luckily, they didn't catch the Kate Upton poster on the wall , or notice the Playboys that I have on my desk for the occasional light reading.
Posted by Hangman on
I retired in 1992, and the Air Force was afar different outfit than the one I had enlisted in in 1972. I'm new to this digital FU outfit, but I served as "The Worlds Finest Fighter CrewChief in the World" for twenty years and was a eighteen year dependant as my father had retired in 1970,just a year and a-half before I joined. I have strapped in more than a hundred set of Fighter jocks in my career and would have joined them in a heart-beat if my eye sight hadn't departed. This is Bull Shit. The women that served with me were realkick ass crew chiefs. When the first Femal arrived at the home drome in 1974, at Ramstein we were all walking on egg shells then, that was untill one of the females cussed out our expediter, then all bets were off. I worked F-4's for 11 years and F-111's for the remaning 9 years. I'm just glad I don't have to make the stay-in or get-out deciession in todays climate.
I salute all you fighterpilot types and will always support you. I will recover you and your jet where-ever you may land!!!!!
Posted by Jolly on
From Randy:

There's a little joint in downtown in Karachi, Pakastan. Our little group of renagade Wild Weasle pilots were invited down from Spangdahlem,Germany to take part in one of the last SEATO (South East Asian Treaty Organization)get togethers.
Right now I'd better let you know that a fighter pilot I'm not, but the worlds finest fighter crew-chief I am. So, of course this ain't no bull-shit telling is from the ramp perspective.
It was a bright and sunlit day at Masaroo (spelling probably wrong) AB. When newly minted Captain King step to my jet along with his Bear whose call sign was Mongo. Well, the launch went well, and I kicked back for about a twenty minute break before the guy's would be back in the pattern. The F-4 was well known as a conservative gas consumer(not) and most down in the grass missions lasted about thirty minutes from eingine crank to engine shut down. I was spending my time at the head as I was still suffering from the Pakast ani curse, when I got the word only ten minutes into their mission that had a total utility hydraulic system failure.
Oh great, so now what did he do to my jet this time. Capt. King,AKA Sky, had flown my bird numerous times since we arrived here and at home. Usually with only "minor" problems. Then on final approach the air conditioner turbine came apart and entered the cockpit (another term the feminists want gone from our lexicon)which shall we say could take your mind off the task at hand, namely landing the F'ing thing.
Well, long story short, later that night at the Amercan bar we had set up in the PAN AM hotel,
I entered the bar from the rear and spied my man Capt. (SKY) King leaning on the hand made bar at the head of the room.
I let out at the top of my Lungs,"What in the hell did you do tomy plane SKY!!!!!
His reply was "Do you realize that your F'ing bird dam near killed me?"
By that time I had made it to the bar myself where a San Miguel appeared in my hand and we had our arms around each others shoulders trying to pop each others head like a zit.
Oh, those were the days, 18 hour shifts and guys you didn't mind working your tails off for.
Posted by Doc on
And now you know why there are no fighter pilots in hell because of good crew cheifs! Well almost.
Can say that after 28 years flying in the fighter community it was because of damned good crew cheifs that my take offs equaled landings! Had a couple of close calls though along with a few Auh Shits!
Thanks for the great work Cheif...nothing to do with this B&^%$ though. Mike Hostage has gone whole hog PC on this one it seems!
Posted by SNEEDO on
Posted by liziB on
As an Air Force bomber pilot's daughter and wife of a true fighter pilot (now in the wild blue yonder), I am so proud of you guys. I cherish your craziness, your impolitic ways, and language that does make sailors blush. I understand and empathize with the need to blow off steam when the ice that's in your veins gets heated by circumstance -- like your daily jobs. Bless you all. Wish there were more like you.
Gypsy Red
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