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Posted by Jolly on February 25, 2011


It’s no longer the O-Club, just “The Club.”  The days of needing wingman volunteers at the club are gone my friends.  That’s right; O-clubs are a thing of the past.  I received an e-mail exchange between a concerned retired Colonel and a Support Group Commander, and it seems the Air Force made a decision in 2006 to consolidate all of it’s Enlisted/Officers Clubs into an all ranks club system in order to save money.  

Back in the day it was a requirement to be a member of the Officers Club.  It was a place we would go to debrief that days sortie over a cold beverage.  Many of us would conduct an informal debrief at the O-Club and there was a lot of great learning that went on at the bar.  Additionally, it was one of the few places support officers and line officers actually socialized and gained a better understanding of where we all fit into the big picture.

In the past, the O-Club was a great place to blow off steam and the only retribution you faced was on Monday morning when you wrote a check to the O-Club manager for damages from Friday night.  It was a place where young ladies from off base were encouraged to visit so they could provide our wingman a target rich environment.  That all changed in the 90’s when the Sky Cops started setting up DUI traps outside the club parking lot and the “Morale Suppression Team” (MST) stopped allowing young ladies from off base through the front gate because they had become a threat to national security. 

This MST take over of the O-Club occurred about the same time the Navy was dealing with Tail Hook 91.  It was the beginning of the "Politically Correct Military."  I think it's safe to say the current move from O-Clubs to all ranks Clubs has more to do with money than being PC.  However, the reason O-Clubs became financial losers was due to the MST and PC crowd driving warriors away.  Why would you want to go the O-Club and have a zero Pk chance of becoming a “Wingman Ace” plus risk some 18 year old sky cop pulling you over for having one too many?  The MST had suceeded in making it an unpopular place for fighter jocks to push it up. 

Current day warriors are left to hang out at the squadron bar where they have some level of protection from the MST.  The alternative is heading off to “The Club” for a little ball walking or bat hanging while some senior TED gives you the RCA Dog Look.  WTFO?  OBTW, If you’re looking for a good definition of the MST, I found the following in the Urban Dictionary:

MORALE SUPPRESSION TEAM: A group of individuals who can manage to take the joy out of just about everything. (See Buzz Kill). These folks are miserable bastards and tend to hang out together because of their dysfunctional home or personal life.


Posted by BrigGenretMarcMcClelland on
When I was a young fighter pilot on AD it was required to join and be in the stag party every night that I was not flying, on alert, on leave or in the hospital. The Old Man was there and he took attendance and woe be unto those who were AWOL, We played Liars Dice, Ship Capta;in and Crew and more destructive games like Dead Bug, but we were there and we had a blast and we learned from our elders. We were MEN and we knew how the game was played NOBODY EVER threw one of my men out of the O Club for D&D. I might drag him home, but no Air Cop ever touched one of my men! Those were the days when EVERYONE joined and used the club.
Posted by Doc on
MST and PC infest the entire nation! Remember those Saturdays after a Fridsy night at the "Big House" well...the headaches, crud bruises, and knots on my head from Bat Hangings. Thank God the Camaro had an autopilot then! Those were the days when those that wore the "bag" ruled the AF now it has been taken over by shoe clerks with MST teams and PC drivil! The new Touchy Feely AF is alive and well.
Vipers Forever!
Posted by Duke on
The MST hasn't been able to block my memories. Someday they (MST) too will long for the olden days before they existed and self destruct!
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