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The Late Great USA

Posted by Jolly on December 31, 2007

FU has always intended this to be a site for fighter jocks from around the planet. However, I am first and foremost an American fighter pilot and it goes without saying that I took an oath to “protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies—foreign and domestic.” I’ve recently completed a book that I think is a must read for every American. It’s called the Late Great U.S.A by Jerome Corsi.   Mr. Corsi also wrote Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Borders, and Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry
The book lays out facts and connects the dots between events that are taking place under the radar to lead the United States into a European Union (EU) type arrangement with Canada and Mexico. This would essentially mean an end to our sovereignty as our economy becomes tied to a North American Union (AU) with a single currency, the Amero. YGBSM right? No, I shit you not---this is happening before our very eyes and Mr. Corsi does an outstanding job through his research uncovering what most of our politicians are doing nothing to stop.
The book first gives you a history lesson on how we got here. Mr. Corsi explains how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is the vehicle being used to place our nations sovereignty in jeopardy. NAFTA is not a free trade agreement for America but rather one that benefits foreign imports and has resulted in the huge trade imbalance that exists today. Ever wonder why our southern border is so porous? It’s all about the “money stupid.” Our middle class society is being destroyed systematically thanks in large part to NAFTA. It’s no big secret that many of our manufacturing jobs have been shipped to Mexico and elsewhere in the world as companies shift to cheap labor. In China, it’s not just cheap labor but, in some cases, political prisoners being used as slave labor.
There are plans being made to build a super highway between Mexico, The United States, and Canada. This is not just a pipe dream, it’s happening as we speak and our incredibly rich cooperate CEO’s stand to make even more coin if our border with Mexico essentially disappears. What about the possible benefits to the drug trade from Mexico with a super highway to the hood in Dallas? There are already plans being made to place Mexican customs officers in cities like San Antonio and Kansas City. That’s right, these trucks would be clearing both Mexico and US customs once inside our borders thanks to the super highway. 
What’s even more alarming is Communist China (last time I checked they were still card carrying commies) stands to be the big winner if unobstructed movement of freight exists between Mexico and the US. China is currently paying huge bucks to unload freight in US ports because ships are unloaded by well-paid Long Shoreman. What if they were able to use ports in Mexico to unload their ships with cheap labor and then truck their lead painted toys to a Target store in Kansas City on a super highway through Texas? There’s no way our political leaders would sellout to China like that right? Think again Batman, guess who finances over 40% of our national debt?
The book mentions some very influential Americans (I’d call them traitors) that are actively involved in making the AU a reality. As the dollar continues it’s downward spiral thanks to an irresponsible Federal Reserve printing worthless paper in record numbers, the Amero could become a solution to it’s continued devaluation in world markets. Our dollar is in dire straights right now and when the Federal Reserve lowers interests rates to save the housing market and give the economy a soft landing it only becomes more devaluated. 
You need to read this book if you are concerned about America’s survival. Click here If you would like to learn more about The Late Great U.S.AI recommend you write your representative and tell them to dissolve NAFTA and voice your concerns about a future AU in the making. I can guarantee if this does come to be and we start buying all our Chinese toys at Target with Ameros, the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” will be gone forever. 


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