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The Perfect Day

Posted by Jolly on December 5, 2007

shithot.jpgI used to have my definition of the perfect day. It involved double turning at the squadron, a good workout, a few drinks with the bros and sex with the spousal unit upon arriving home with the post-bar buzz. I’m a simple man with obviously simple demands but recently I’ve had to change my definition of the perfect day. In addition to the above, I now require that at least one politician tell the truth or say exactly what they think on a single issue when asked their opinion or policy. You would think that would be an easy request. I challenge you to try to satisfy that goal in your own area of the world once a week and find the same thing out that I did. YOU WILL VERY RARELY HAVE A PERFECT DAY!!! I’ve had to watch every single candidate and current office holder in this great nation lie or mislead the American public on a daily basis since I’ve set this seemingly unattainable goal….until today.
I was finishing with the second sortie and taking off the flight gear when I happened to hear a press conference on Fox News in progress with regard to Alabama’s recent passing of a law which requires all people in their great state to be able to speak and read English to apply and receive a driver’s license. What a concept!! They expect people to speak our language to have driving privileges. That, in and of itself, was shockingly refreshing but when asked about their state’s motives, the spokesman (I didn’t catch his name) stated that his state expected anyone moving there to assimilate into American and Alabama society. Not to start their own country. No bullshit, no qualifications and no remorse about how this policy needed to be explained to the non-English speaking occupants inside our borders. I’d vote for this gentleman sight unseen if I knew his name. I’m now an Alabama fan. If every mouthpiece in this land took a lesson and mustered the courage to follow this example I think they’d find, as President Reagan did, that people put them in office for honesty and integrity and not for slick, meaningless responses.
This brings me to the next problem. I have to get a workout, have the drinks (easy), make the drive home and talk my wife into the rest of her obligation in making my day perfect. It all has to be done. I can’t walk away from a perfect day no matter how much sacrifice is involved. Perfect days…they don’t just grow on trees you know.


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