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To Fly, Fight and Win

Posted by Jolly on September 15, 2008

victory.jpgThere’s an old hangar sitting by itself in a remote area of Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. I’m not really sure when it was originally built but I’d guess it’s been there in the far northwest corner of the base since the late 40’s/early 50’s. You can easily see it driving by the west side of the base on Alvernon Way. Until a few years ago, painted on the top of that hangar roof, the mission of the US Air Force was boldly spelled out. It could easily be read from the road, “To Fly, Fight and Win.” That mission statement, after being on that hangar roof for decades, has been replaced. The roof on that old hangar now declares, “Airpower for America.”
I have no way of knowing who or why this change was made but I think it’s just another example of how some people in the military, at least in the US, and especially the Air Force, have gotten themselves wrapped up in an attempt to portray their service as a kinder, gentler, politically correct, corporate organization.
It seems as though folks like these don’t want to irritate the cyberspace guys and the space geeks. You don’t want to blatantly confront the public that a military organization’s ultimate reason for existence is the defense of it’s country and, should the need arise, kill the enemy. Why put the word “Fly” on the roof of the hangar? That’ll just annoy anyone that might feel left out of that endeavor. You certainly don’t want to put “Fight” on the roof of the hangar because it sounds too aggressive, too confrontational. And heaven forbid that “Win” is on the roof of the hangar. That simply sounds too elitist, too superior for those who might have feelings of self-loathing and hate all things flag-waving.
Well, what about the new hangar roof statement; Airpower for America? Could that be any more milk toast? That could just as easily be the slogan for an air conditioning installation company. At least it’s very corporate, very 21st century.
By the way, here’s the current, official mission statement of the USAF: to deliver sovereign options for the defense of the United States of America and its global interests -- to fly and fight in Air, Space, and Cyberspace. Seems the space and cyber dudes made the cut. Not as simple though as, “To Fly, Fight and Win.” Oh yeah, they forgot all about the winning part. Well, it is the 21st century. When you get down to it, aren’t we all winners. Let's give everyone a trophy of some sort so that no one's a loser.  Kind of makes you all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it.


Posted by Lurch on
It was probably changed by the same visionaries who want Nellis to be the
"Home of the War Fighter" instead of "Home of the Fighter Pilot." Musn't
annoy the PreDater crowd, either. At least they can blow stuff up.
Posted by Spank on
recent reports suggest the air force needs to make missiliers and other nuke lovers feel more important and thus recommend all bomber and missile wings be realigned to a strategic major command called SAC.....guess with only fighters left and a tactical mission ACC might need to be renamed TAC....just a thought...
Posted by Clod on
The Air Force has gone overboard on things PC. Senior leadership seems to be almost embarrassed to wear pilot wings. I'm for Fly, Fight and Win.
Posted by Bear on
Kinder, gentler Air force. Screw itwe sure don't want to offend any wet nosed liberals out tehre
" To err is human, to fogive is not Strategic Air Command policy."
'Curtis LeMay
Posted by ROLEX on
Sounds similar to when at the "Kun" we had to repaint the roof of the CE warehouse and take off the Russian, might piss-off some comrade reading the spy photos
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