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Unfit for Command

Posted by Jolly on October 31, 2012



I was forwarded this video that is a must watch.  As the son of a WW II veteran, I think that the Judge has spoken for my Dad as well.  This current group of so-called Americans in charge of our military and foreign services are unfit for command.  It is unthinkable that we would hang Americans out to die without any support on the ground or from above.  One AC-130, Fighter, or even Predator could have unscrewed this in about 30 seconds.  This assumes there were any aircraft on station, something we really don't know at this point.  It's also unforgivable that some of our mainstream media continue to protect those who have lied to America.  

I suppose this has nothing to do with Halloween, or maybe it does.  Four more years of this kind of dereliction of duty should be scary as hell to all of us!


Posted by habu510 on
Six days and praying!

Posted by butch71 on
One canident be any worst than the other one. Derelection of duty.
Posted by Lintbag on
Posted by mikenaye on
When do you suppose the Africom CC is going to speak...or write a book? I sure hope he doesn't get intimidated into silence.

If it's true that he was willing to disobey orders to protect American's lives, then it's clear he considered those orders illegal....and immoral. If there was a realtime video/audio feed from the Consulate as has been reported and if the whole chain of command was aware of the situation from the outset and chose to do nothing when assets were on call for such an event....then heads should roll.
Posted by Jolly on
This From Gene:

You do not have all the facts. You are premature.

To Gene:

I may not get daily intel briefings anymore but this smells like you know what. But I do agree we don't have all the facts yet and should wait to pass judgement until we do.

Posted by Jolly on
I recv'd an e-mail from a friend who brought up some good points.

- We have no idea what was on station at the time of the attack or what aircraft (if any) were on alert
- To make this political dishonor's the deaths of the four Americans who lost their lives in Benghazi
- For any news agency to report there may have been an AC-130 or F-16 on station at the time is pure BS. We don't know that to be true. If you do the math it would take several hours to react and load aircraft, another few hours to prepare pilots and crews for a possible mission, coordination with the host country to launch loaded aircraft, etc......
- Let's wait to pass judgement until we have all the facts is what I'm saying. However, for leaders of our current management team in Washington to get up in front of America and call this a spontaneous event with no actionable intel in advance is equally full of crap.

Posted by cwirvine on

One comment: Too damned bad our leader dose not have the guts to stand up to our enemies! Well. you know, that takes a lot of pride in your country to do that! Duhhhhhhhh! Take care, Martini.
Posted by Duke on
True, we don't know what was on station. True, we don't know what was on alert. But it is hard to believe that we had no armed aircraft in commission with a couple or sober pilots around to do the job. We used to be able to things quickly when I was on active duty. Years ago, yes. But things should be better now.

No, we don't need overflight permission when our forces or people are in jeopardy. We just flew over that country for months without permission killing people and breaking things.

Gen Ham for CINC!

Posted by Hangman on
With the type of non-leadership at the top,it's no wonder we're being hung out to dry. YGBSM
Posted by flyingpig on
welcome to the femminization of america
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