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Young Americans

Posted by Jolly on September 28, 2012

constitution.jpgI had this forwarded to me from Grumpy.  It was produced by some college and local high school students in San Diego.  It's nice to see we have some very young Americans with a clue about what's important.  It's easy to get into the "sky is falling" mode with all that's going on in this crazy world.  But as long as we have young people who recognize and understand that our Constitution defines us as a nation, there's still hope.  Be sure to vote this fall since these kids can't.  We owe them that.



Posted by butch71 on
Correction! A nice video.
Posted by rene on
I hope this video gets out to everyone.
Posted by FreakF15 on
Tits!!! Sorry, I had to say it.
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